Qur’an 365

'Allah, make the Qur'an the blossoming spring of our hearts, and the light of our chests, and the dispeller of our sadness and grief.'

Course Description

How powerful is this that when we read the Qur’an, we are interacting with the divine speech of our Creator. It is His living word guiding us through life. We are invited to read the Qur’an again and again because our state continuously changes, mind changes, perspective changes, so, the same message has a different impact each time depending where we are at on the path to Him.

As they say, ‘The beauty of the Qur’an is that you cannot change its message, but its message can completely change you.’

The profound words of our loving Creator are timeless, every story, every proverb, and every metaphor speaks to you directly. Make 2022 the time that you enter and experience this miraculous revelation and plunge into the depth of its ocean and discover the hidden pearls of divine wisdom.

Read one verse daily, listen to it carefully, these words are your words of motivation, inspiration and enlightenment. It will remind you of what you may have forgotten in the chaos of life. You will experience Allah’s mercy, wisdom and grandeur, it will guide you towards the light of awareness.

The Qur’an does not just lead us, it frees us from the grips of the ego. It does not just guide us; it nurtures us beyond our limiting beliefs. It provides comfort, solace and peace through the expression of His infinite mercy and love. It inspires us to live a life where we depend on Allah in every situation and facet of life.

‘The Qur’an is the rope of Allah, and it is the clear Light and Healing. It is a protection for the one who clings to it and a rescue for the one who follows it. It is not crooked and so it puts things straight.’ (Darimi)

We all understand and appreciate the importance of the Qur’an but many of us struggle to create or maintain a relationship with it on a daily basis. That is where we are going to help. Hopefully, by now you have made the firm intention to make the Qur’an an important part of your daily life. We are launching Qur’an 365 to help you connect with the Qur’an in a different and exciting way. Join our community and inform your mind and inspire your heart.

Join Qur’an 365:

  • Connect with one verse daily which includes recitation, translation, tafseer and contextualising to everyday life.
  • Live with the Qur’an every day and in one year you will have engaged with 365 verses on a deeper level. It requires just ten minutes of your day.
  • A daily video will be uploaded to our learning portal for you to access, you can select whichever time of day is most suitable for you to reflect, engage and be inspired.

Qur’an 365 is a great way to cultivate your relationship with the divine words of our Creator and see how verses specifically apply to you and your individual circumstances.  

We are making this fantastic and transforming opportunity as accessible as possible and offering this for just £50 for the entire year as an introductory offer. That equates to less than 15p per day!

We are looking forward to welcoming you and may this be the beginning of your intimate and personal relationship with the Qur’an.


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Course Includes

  • 117 Lessons