Contexualising the Seerah in the 21st Century

Close your eyes and think about the one whom you love the most. The one who you would move mountains for and be willing to make great sacrifices for. Many would count their offspring, their parents, their significant other or even siblings within this category of people
most loved. Now ask yourself- where does the Prophet Muhammad sit in this? What role does he have in your life?

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Course Description

Contextualising the Seerah in the 21st Century, will guide you through the life of the most blessed man to walk the same earth that we walk on today. Muhammad’s ﷺ life was filled with many trials, tribulations and hardships. For any difficulty we may face in life, we can find the answers and find the strategies to cope by learning about what He ﷺ did in the face of adversity, in the face of rejection, grief and loss. 

Sometimes we may think that it’s hard to connect with someone when they lived in a completely different era to us. But there are many, many lessons for us to learn from the most perfect of all humans, the epitome of mercy Muhammad ﷺ. The answers are all there, we just have to search for them and look for guidance in the right place.

Start finding some of those answers and empower yourself with knowledge and love for the our Prophet ﷺ by taking this course today.

The course aims to contextualise the lessons and morals from the Seerah to modern society.

Key learning objectives covered include:

  • To find inspiration for the modern life in the Prophetic example.
  • Take practical lessons and morals from the Prophet’s ﷺ sublime character
  • Most importantly, increase your love and respect for the Prophet ﷺ

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons